Creating Walls with Character, Naturally!

Elevate Your



Why Clay Plaster?

Natural clay plasters are composed of pure clays, recycled aggregates, and natural pigments. Totally non-toxic. Natural clay and lime plasters elevate the ambience of your space, creating a warmth and depth not achieved with hard plasters or paint.

Inside today’s modern home there are electrical appliances, electric cords, and synthetic products (latex paint), all of which produce and maintain a positive charge in the air. Surrounding your interior environment with natural plasters that have negative ions will not only help reduce the electromagnetic effect created, but will help eliminate static charge on walls and floors that attract dust, and surround you with the charge humans are accustomed to when living in nature.

AND natural plaster creates an absolutely gorgeous interior - adding depth and texture to your walls that you simply cannot achieve with paint or acrylic finishes. There is an interplay of light, color, and texture that creates a surface with character - beautiful!

Improves Air Quality

Natural plasters are porous, and can regulate humidity, keeping a space cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter. Clay plaster filters the air of dander and pollens, resists mold growth, and reduces allergens in the air.

longevity & durability

Your walls will last as long as your home does - no need to repaint every few years. If you desire, you can change colors. Unlike Venetian or Diamond plaster finishes, scratches or dents are easily repairable forever.

Better for our planet

Manufacturing does not require high-energy processing, letting the clay have the lowest carbon footprint of any interior finish product. Once on your walls, the clay can increase energy efficiency up to 6%.

acoustically softening

Natural clay plaster walls soften the room sound, reducing the echo in a space. Sound bounces off hard surfaces, creating more noise. Clay plaster creates a more comforting and encompassing space.

We love our Solamente clay walls. We redid all the main rooms of our home in a rich variety of their plaster finishes. Not only did it revive the appearance throughout, but the walls feel alive and make our home feel warmer. We continue to get frequent comments on how great our home looks. We highly recommend Solamente Natural Plaster.
— Doug and Cynthia

Crossing Stylistic Boundaries with Color and Texture

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Color and Texture

Clay plaster crosses stylistic boundaries. Depending on your choice of finish and color, clay plaster enriches traditional, contemporary, southwestern, eclectic, old or new construction. Mica and straw make interesting additions. Smooth to the touch it offers a visual depth not possible with paint. There are many textures achievable and hundreds of standard colors plus custom colors for any effect you desire.

Natural clay and lime plasters can be applied over new drywall, painted surfaces, textured surfaces, diamond plaster, and acrylic plaster imitation surfaces. Clay and lime plasters are a healthy and creative solution for beautiful interiors. 

We have Solamente natural plaster walls in almost every room in our home. Walls and ceilings. We love it! Some of the rooms were done 7 years ago and the color is still vibrant with no fading at all despite the high mountain New Mexico sun. Sally made a custom color for us. We wanted a red. She got right on the project with enthusiasm and with a complete understanding of what red we wanted. It was fun seeing what she came up with and we finally decided on a red that was “just right” for us. It looks fantastic! Kent and Sally and their team are fun to work with, very professional and very low impact as far as finishing and cleanup. I wish we had more rooms to do!
— Mary and Gary


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